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Anyone with experience with connexelectronic amp boards?

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Just curious if anyone had ordered one of these or any input on their claimed power output? I was looking at this board possibly,


They claim 250w @4 ohms. Honestly I'd really like something that comes unassembled, I'd like to make a couple monoblock amps in the 150-200w range.
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No experience and hard to tell from the datasheet I found, unlike the Hypex and ICE modules, etc
Yeah, just the Hypex and ICE modules are much much more money :)

I did find some threads over at DIYAudio, and also the owner posts over there so I may give them a shot. They make a Car SMPS so I may try that out and see what I can do with them.
Actually, just found this: http://www.connexelectronic.com/documents/IRS2092_Stereo_Amplifier.pdf

Looks like with an 86V power supply you're over an honest 300w rms 8ohm and 600 4ohm (0.01% THD+N).
Depending on the cost of the PS, that's quite a deal.
The 2000w SMPS is like 194 bucks, the Car SMPS is 91ish. So not horrible.
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