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Re: Arcam FMJ AVR500 7.1 Receiver: Official Thread

Arcam AVR600 Receiver is state of the art. I use this receiver to power Martin Logan
Summits (front channels) Logos (center channel) Gallo Micro Nucleus (4) rear channels and side channels (Spica TC-50). This receiver handles the difficult load that electrostatic
speakers present with ease, has authority, incredible detail, imaging, spacious and depth
that is simply outstanding. Check out the full report in International Audio Review, by
Peter Moncrieff. He states in this report that the Arcam AVR600 is the most accurate and
realistic is has ever heard. Having owned this product for over 2 years, I agree completely
with him on his enthusiasm for this receiver.


1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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