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Are any of you into vintage audio?

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To me a lot of it sounds better then the new stuff. like speakers. good speakers that were like 500 to 1000 dollars back in the 70's threw the 90's seems to sound better then the stuff that runs like 2000 to 3000 in todays dollars. and you can pick them up for next do nothing. Like i took a pair of vintage pioneer to the local hi fi place looking for a receiver. I wanted to hear how they sounded using my speakers the guy let me bring them in. They nocked the guys soxs off when he heard them. It sounded better then the speakers he was selling for 1000's of dollars.
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Keep in mind inflation when comparing speakers from the 70s to todays lineup. Speaker design has not changed a whole lot in 30 years other then the materials used for the drivers. For example my Mission 765's to replace would cost me well over $3500 to get into something that sounds the same and is built as well and I payed $1800 in 1991.
true and I was just looking on ebay and you can get mission speakers for a lot less then they used to and it would give someone more bang for the dollar. like this set of mission speakers. like this set that already sold I am sure they were not a cheap pair when they were new.

ebay Item number: 280382602157.
Yes, those were very nice. Sadly that line cant be found in North America. They guy who bought them got a great deal. Resale value of electronics and speakers is not very good so you can get a great deal on used.
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