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Are color guns on my tv, a Sony KV-27S42 aimable? or adjustable?

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Are color guns on my tv, a Sony KV-27S42 aimable?
The screen picture on my ten year old tv is fuzzy when letters are shown. To the right and left of a letter, there is a red shadow, and a green shadow. Are the color guns aimable either physically or electronically?
If it is possible to re-aim, then I'll take the tv to the repair shop.
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In the sense that the magnetic fields that direct them to the screen "aim" them, yes. It is possible that a convergence or registration job will fix your problem, but there could be other underlying problems such as a high voltage problem (which could be the reason for the fuzziness). In any case, 10 years is well within the repair window and you should be able to have it services or at least diagnosed for its problem. Considering the price of new sets, get an estimate, and you may find a replacement is the better option.
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