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First, thank you for vewing and sharing your thoughts on this post with me.
After several months of research and thought, I decided my next upgrade would be a music-streaming device. I looked at the Sonas, Transporter, Squeeze Box, ( single room application) and am looking forward to checking out the Logitech Touch that just came out. Several have told me that it would offer me a wider range of flexibility if I just got the transport without the built in DAC’s, like the appealing Transporter, and added a separate DAC of my choice, after thought I can see where they have an excellent point.
So Question? How about if I just let the Burr Browns (24-bit/192-KHz PCM-1791) that are included in my Denon 988 do the job and save money to boot. What kind of quality of sound can I expect? CD quality?
Thanks again
One thing to remember about the Transporter is that it has a state of the art D/A Converter built in with inputs and a remote control. Something most DAC's don't have. You won't need a separate DAC. Stereophile did a glowing review of the Transporter some time ago. Google it.

A music streaming device will be much more versatile than a CD Player, however keep in mind that alot of your preferred music will not be available in soft copy at standard resolution or high resolution. Thus you must purchase a CD unless you want to settle for the mp3 version. I have squeezebox touch myself and it has pretty much revolutionized how I listen to music.

I think the DAC's inside the Denon 988 will do the job but the analog section my leave something to be desired in sound quality as compared to a high quality separate DAC.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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