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I think the AK G's will do just fine with your receiver. yes jacen" i agree and the more you juice the receiver/per amps which ever one you used the better they'll sound.

i owned three sets of cans speaking of which..none of them is the AKG-K701' but it's a great choice anyway, my first can is the audio technica ATH-AD700, i audition the 701's a few times i almost bought it but i got "lucky" when i accompanied a friend of mine to an estate sale in north palm beach fl. and i found the sennheiser HD600 AND HD650 FOR A SONG. that been said i mentioned it because most people that used HQ HP especially the senn,akg,grado's,and others cant live with out a good headphone amp/dac to booth it up, and while that's a good way to go I'm OK with out one.. the SENNs are rated at 300 ohms however i never found the need for a hp. amp i use my receiver,pre-amp or cdp. so mleuba go ahead and swim with your AKG701 and later you can dive into an amplifier if needs be. post your impression's when your done!! good luck
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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