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Are soundbars and home theatre systems becoming more similar?

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My Samsung Q 990b soundbar is currently linked to my living room TV after I recently bought it. Its sound quality and impact on Dolby Atmos scenarios are both quite impressive. I have a complete home theatre setup with a Marantz AV Receiver (5.1.2) and a Q Acoustics speaker package in a dedicated room. When I compare the sound quality of an actual home theatre system to a soundbar, I find that the soundbar often outperforms a real home theatre system in many instances. I'm not sure if there is a problem with my home theatre system or if soundbars have advanced enough to finally displace large home theatre systems.
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Then there is something wrong with your home theater system...
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Is your theater room setup correctly?
Speakers in correct placements?

Ceiling speakers just in front of you and like 8 feet apart?
Whats the room environment like for each setup?

No way I believe that soundbars can remotely compare!
While soundbars have advanced in recent years, a complete home theatre system can still offer a better sound.
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