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So how many of us partake in the sport if stalking big game (or small). Would love to hear your stories.

Just to start:

One of the surgeons I work with has some property outside of town that he leases to a hog farmer. Now these are special hogs. Specially bred for their prized meat. $3000 each! He puts up electric fences to contain the hogs while they eat the acorns that are abundant right now. Trouble is, wild hogs have moved in and are tearing the place up as well as breeding with the tame hogs. So he asked me to help him out.

I go out this weekend & as I'm walking up to my stand, I shoot a nice sow (laying down resting about 10 yard from my ladder stand). I finish the hunt (09:00) & head into the woods the way the other hog ran off in. I go about 200 yards & walk up on anther sow so I shoot her. I miss her brain so she pulls out running. I peel off after her (understand I'm 59 & out of shape) & to make a long story short, she gets ahead of me.

After I go another 60-70 yards, I walk up on some of the tame hogs. I'm looing at them & I realize there is a wild hog with them. I shoot that one & another one runs out...I shoot that one. So I go get my 4-wheeler & haul out the two sows (found the second one) and start looking for the 3rd one I shot. I come up on another group of tame hogs & see another wild one. I shoot that one & see a much larger one when they run off (only about 50 yards).

So I peel in behind them and after about 150 yards they get into some really thick scrub. I'm cross wind & I get about 10 yards from them but can't get a shot. So I circle down wind & start easing into the thick of it. About that time another group of the tame hogs wind me (from behind). They associate people with food so they come up to me thinking I will feed them. They are nuzzling me and grunting, & the other hogs can hear them and start coming to me as well now. Then I see the boar coming. He's about 5 yards away, (this stuff is thick) & I'm trying to get him in the scope & I can't. He winds up walking right beside me (hogs all around me) & when he does I put the barrel up to his head & pull the trigger! Less than 2 feet away! A 250 lb boar! My heart was pounding.

So I go back to my 4 wheeler & start looking for hog #4. I drive up on another group of tame hogs & shoot another wild one. Then my wife arrives (we planned a canoe trip on the creek that flows by his property). So my hunt is over. 7 hogs all together. My best hog hunt ever and one I wont forget anytime soon!
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