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I'm planning to do an upgrade, and will have to consider the potential smaller space of a condominium. Currently, these are the gears:

1. WD TV Live
2. Samsung LA32S LCD TV
3. Harman Kardon AVR130 A/V Receiver
4. JVC XV-NK38 DVD player
5. JVC HR-J7005UM 6-head HiFi VHS player
6. Bose 301 Continental Special Edition, front speakers
7. Boston Acoustics CRC, center speakers
8. Boston Acoustics VRS Micro, rear surround speakers
9. Dali AW8, subwoofer
10. IXOS speaker cables, front and center
11. Generic AWG 18 wire, rear surround
12. Clearaudio analog interconnects
13. Generic HDMI cable
14. Generic S-Video cable
15. Generic Optical (Toslink) cable

Previous front speakers:

1. Infinity Kappa 200 bookshelf
2. JBL LX2002 bookshelf
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