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Every HDTV purchase comes with its own set of considerations, and for our friend Philip, the main one is playing videogames. You can keep your THX certifications and internet connected widgets, we need to know what will contribute to the greatest kill/death ratio, period:
"I just graduated and moved to a new city so I'm finally ready to buy my first HDTV. I watch TV and some football every now and then, but my main obsession is gaming, specifically Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Super Street Fighter IV. I've been scraping by playing with my Xbox 360 connected to a computer monitor for now, but when it comes to a nice 50- or 55-inch display, which one has the least amount of input lag so I can keep my k/d ratio up and count frames properly for combos and counters?"
Everyone has their something, and we're sure more than a few of you are just as focused on your television's gaming performance as anything else, so why not help him out. Let us know what TVs you're using, and if necessary, what settings or gaming modes work the best so you're not a frame or two behind at crucial moments.

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