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We're no stranger to questions about audio setups on Ask Engadget HD, and we've even covered a bit about what to do for those seeking the best home theater experience with headphones. Still, we're a bit unfamiliar with what to do when you want to use headphones, but throw in the additional demand of using them wirelessly. We'll let our friend Andrew explain:
I've been putting off buying an AV receiver for far too long - a recent change to one of Panasonic's midrange plasma TVs has made me feel the need to complement the good video with good audio (or better). The Easy: I need something that has a number of HDMI ports (at least 3, but 4 or more would be ideal) and some composite ports (the Wii has to stay) plus all of the requisite audio codec standards (DTS-HD, Dolby, etc.). The Not-So-Easy: The one requirement I'm looking for that seems to be giving me more trouble than anything else is that I want something that transmits Bluetooth A2DP to a wireless set of headphones - I often wake up much earlier than my wife does and I don't want to disturb her and I already have a serviceable set of Bluetooth headphones. Is it better to continue to look for a receiver that does A2DP for me or should I look for an alternative way to drive wireless audio?
So there you have it, while his receiver requests are certainly well within the norm (admit it -- many of you are using the 480p-only Wii too) the request for A2DP makes this one more special. Anyone out there having a good experience with wireless audio via Bluetooth? Let us know what to look for in the comments below.

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