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We are going on our fourth weekend without our tv. We purchased a warranty from Nebraska Furniture Mart for 4 years. It is actually 1+4. We had to make over 25 phone calls to three different companys to get to a dispatching company that would send out a tech. The dispatching company said the Tech would give us a call. Never called. When we contacted the dispatching company they told us that the Tech had not been paid on two occasions by the last sub-contractor and he had no plans of calling us.
Assurant was the company that held the warranty. We have been made an offer by NFM of substantially less than we gave for the unit. Really not sure what to do at this point.

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Post the detailed facts. Who are these companies? What are the contact names and phone numbers? What product and what problem are you trying to resolve? What offer has the dealer made, specifically? If you want to resolve it you need to organize the info with details. PM me with the private info such as name, address, case number, etc.
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