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Did this do anything good.. ? :dontknow:

This is 1/6 and 1/3 smoothing of the same measurements(not sure what gives you the best impression), the blue is before, and the purple is after. I've added foam based dampening material behind three large, irregulary placed paintings on the back wall. One is about 100x50cm horisontal, while the other two are 90x35cm vertical.

I'm about to start listening to some music and see if I can detect any difference (I assume I'm not going to immediately do so) - but thought I'd post the graph first. It seem to have damped parts of the peak at about 1khz+, and overall slightly smoothed the response?

Note that I'm using a radio shack so the actual respons above 3khz may not reflect the room, but rather the mic, but the measurements are still useful to show the differences before and after. The mic was on a tripod, and I made several measurements between any changes done in the room dampening (added dampening between the paintings one by one and did several measurements between each) to be sure that the changes registered was consistent and not just random.

Any comments welcome :)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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