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If you are not familiar with it, one of the best ways to share info on the web is a listserve and web site called TechAssist. It has a service manual archive, tips, consumer information, and a email list. The listserve, tips, and service manuals are only available to qualified service techs and the subscription is $60 per year. The list owner is trying to increase membership to be able to enhance the site. The listserve alone is worth the subscription, as there are dozens of very experienced techs who read it and share help and ideas daily.

This is NOT for consumers. There is a free part of the site for consumers with some info, but the tips, service manuals, and listserve can only be accessed by qualified techs. The owner verifies that you have a legitimate business before accepting an application.

If you would like to register or want more info, please contact me by PM or email.
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