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Quick question for your consideration,

Is it possible to use The Audessy or JL Audio mic's for a decent measurement using REW?

I have a DBX measurement mic, Audigy 2 ZS sound card, and am working twards a good preamp at home, so I have the capacity to do proper measurements. What I'm hoping to do is to be able to use the abundance of these two types of mic's at work to get a general idea of levels-EQing-ect. for inwall speakers and small media rooms.

I work for a high end home integrator (escusa.com), and we do alot with Meridian, Wilson Audio, Integra, Arial, , and some one off high end gear once in a while. Alot of the processors have auto calibration functions, but what I would like to do is take a "post" calibration measurement to see how well the unit has corrected, and to see if there is additional correction needed (i.e. moving the mic to a better location, readjusting levels, and so on).

I dont carry a RS meter anymore (not even sure where it is now a days :innocent: ), I've got some FFT software on the iphone and calibrated its SPL meter to check zone turn on volumes.

So what do you think about the throw away mic's? Anyone tried this? Anywone looked into making a cal file for one of these?
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