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Interesting info, thank you.

So I should watch movies using HDMI for audio thru the pre-pro, and listen to music only with the analog (Balanced XLR) stereo connections.

My DMP-UB900 (2017 vintage) is more advanced than the Integra DHC-80.3 (2012 vintage). Just wondering again how to get the latest surround sound in today's movies, without buying a new AV Processor. We will upgrade to the UB9000 soon.

I do have a small (but very nice) collection of vinyl. A separate vacuum tube pre-amp, and solid state power amp is used for my phonograph listening.

Even though my speaker setup is 9.2, and maybe soon to be 11.2, my serious music listening is done in pure stereo. And it is quite satisfying, surprisingly so.

Well you won’t get the latest without a new processor. And XLR is only really a big deal over long runs so not worth sweating over. I would just use hdmi.
And while a DAC might be better academically, I doubt you’d be able to tell.
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