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Audio Problems.

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Here are my first graphs.
Are these any worse, or much worse from the average bears?
One is just the sub, and the other is sub + mains.
The sub is about to get a couple passive's screwed onto it's sides, in short order.
I just wanted a before and after plot to start!
But, I can't help but feel those large divits are from the room, where there is very little I can change. (according to the boss)
My one question right now is, will the passives on either side of the sub cabinet change the ROOM response much? Maybe since they are propagating 90* to the left and and right of the driver? I realize the passives do not do much above 50hz anyway...


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I can't tell much of a difference in the graphs when you add the mains. Have you calibrated your mains to the same relative level with your sw? If it weren't for the big 25-40hz suck out you'd have a nice FR. Can you move the subwoofer to a different location?
What freq should I match the mains at?

Or to put it another way, how do you match the mains?

EDIT: The post 11 above shows both graphs with the mains on, just regular (?) and inverted sub hookup.

I really appreciate all the tips I can get. I have been playing with this thing now with *many* different combos, bassis settings, etc.
Do you have an SPL meter? You use the test tones in your reciever, or you can use REW to set the level of the mains and the SW to the same level, or close anyway, at the listening position.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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