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Audio Problems.

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Here are my first graphs.
Are these any worse, or much worse from the average bears?
One is just the sub, and the other is sub + mains.
The sub is about to get a couple passive's screwed onto it's sides, in short order.
I just wanted a before and after plot to start!
But, I can't help but feel those large divits are from the room, where there is very little I can change. (according to the boss)
My one question right now is, will the passives on either side of the sub cabinet change the ROOM response much? Maybe since they are propagating 90* to the left and and right of the driver? I realize the passives do not do much above 50hz anyway...


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Adding passives will decrease the output of the sub and it does not address model room issues. It will make your amp in turn work harder, and lower the tune of the enclosure. Decreasing the output above the tune will add more dips/peaks to deal with. That is my non pro answer, but I hope that I am at least close to making since. Not the speaker educated type.
Still not getting it. What are "passives?"

Passives are like little drums that don't have a motor/driver.
Do you mean passive radiators? If so, they act as ports with greater mass.

A / in my posting is short for with, but can sometimes mean or. It's easier than to type with or not with a driver and motor. In this case I wasn't sure which one was being discussed earlier and thought maybe a passive radiator was meant, but I was reffering to a passive. I wasn't sure exactly what a passive radiator was so thanks. :T Where is the pick of the passive radiators? They are the same thing? Ones I have seen looked flat without a cone. :scratch:
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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