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AudiocRavings, by Wayne Myers:
6 - Zowie for Bowie

Bingeing on Bowie

Don’t worry, I know how his last name is pronounced. Thanks to Tidal’s lossless streaming service, I have done a lot of bingeing on groups that I enjoyed in the past, some for old-time’s sake, but mostly because songs and albums have become readily available, in LOSSLESS quality, that I have not been able to hear for years. (Stream lossy MP3s? Have a little pride, man!) I either had them on vinyl or never owned them at all, and just never had the chance to listen to them except by accident on the radio. (Literally not the same as streaming at all.)

I have always thought of David Bowie as one of the better singer songwriter recording performing artists to come out of Rock. With his full catalog available on Tidal, it has been fun to get reacquainted with old favorites and to hear newer works for the first time.

For Example

This morning I pulled up Tonight, Bowie’s sixteenth studio album, from 1984. What a treat!

  • Blue Jean - You literally can not NOT dance and sing when Blue Jean comes on. Try it. But not while you are driving, please.
  • Five killer covers - God Only Knows (Beach Boys) and I Keep Forgettin’ (Leiber & Stoller), Don’t Look Down (Iggy Pop), Neighborhood Threat (Iggy Pop), Tonight (Iggy Pop). When Bowie did a cover, it was COVERED!
  • A duet with Tina Turner - Tonight, which I have always thought of as a cool love/romance song. FWIW, Bowie liked the song but not the recording.
  • A new test track - I Keep Forgettin’, exceptionally well recorded, mixed, and mastered. The 80’s saw recording technology maturing fast, and there are a lot of great test tracks on 80’s albums like Tonight. It does not hurt that Tidal carries the 1999 digital re-master of this album, although It is based on dynamite original studio tracks, obviously.

Album artwork for Tonight. I have it on vinyl somewhere.

Had a great time listening, and some tracks got multiple listens. Other favorites like China Girl and Hero have gotten air time recently.

David Robert Jones, aka David Bowie (sounds like “showy,” which he was)

WAF Goodness

Audiophile Brothers, don’t overlook the potential for big WAF points with Tidal. My SO now enjoys Beach Boys, Fifth Dimension, and loads of old favorites that she has not heard in years, plus new albums by Josh Groban, Paul Simon, and… need I go on? The lossless part is, indeed, quite lost on her, you could pipe it in 8-bit and she probably would not notice.

I avoided congestion with my Tidal Favorites by creating playlists with hers. Playlist titles start with her initials so they are all grouped together, plus essentials of the performer and album name.

Downside: Tidal only allows one stream at a time. There have been no fights so far.

Welcome to AudiocRavings, my blog of audio-related thoughts, musings, ideas, discoveries, suggestions, rants, and ramblings. With luck, a portion will be somewhat useful to someone somewhere somehow.

Wayne Myers
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