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For sale are (3) Aura "Pro Bass Shakers", (Tactile transducers).
> HERE < is the webpage from PartsExpress where I bought them about three years ago. They've not been used in over a year, they've stayed mounted under my home theater seating chairs.
I still have the original boxes.
The current price from PartsExpress is $44.50 each, I'm asking $75 for all three, plus shipping.
I'll absorb Paypal fees.

Here is a picture of how I mounted them to the chairs. I made wooden "mounts" that fit between the foam and the wire of the chair and used cotter pins through the bolts holes to attach them. I'll include the wood and cotter pins at no additional cost (if you'd like).

{Sorry, the first fuzzy picture was taken three years ago with a cheap camera. The others were taken today.}

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