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Auto speaker caliberation on HK avr 254

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Was trying the speaker calib with my new system and for some reason the system could not find the Rear Speakers? It is a 7.1 system but am only using 5.1. I have the speakers hooked up in the rear speaker hookup in the back. When manually calib it notices them fine. For a noob is it worth doing the AUTO calib? Help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey Tony. Why did I hear it detect the rear speakers when I put it in manual mode?
Tony, is there a chance that the Auto caliber could blow my subwoofer?? I was doing it with the microfone on ear level where i sit and the subwoofer was getting very loud. Then when watching TV it didnt sound like it was on but the power was there.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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