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AV15-X project intro 1st thing (WinISD)

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After loosing a bid on a 12inch kilipsch subwoofer. I ran across HTS and went to work reading. I impulsivley went over to AESpeakers and Amazon and purchased a AV15X and Beringer2500. After the taking a hit to my pride on loosing the bid and not wanting to pay retail for my sub I put it in my head that I could build a much better subwoofer far cheaper than Consumer Electronics....OK I give up on that but I know I can get better. Now after lurking countless hours on the forums I believe I'm a bit overwhelmed. I've been following the Tremor Twins, Vertigos Ported Sub, and NeoDans Easy Button. Still have a lot of idea's on everything, but because I did it all backwards. The reason because eventually everything will go into a hometheater room that I should've started with the mantra room first even though I need something in the interim. So now I wonder if I'm the first to start the home theater sub first. Now I understand I really want more than just a sub but a bit of knowledge to boot and that's where you come in.

So there's the background now the questions.

1. I've downloaded WinISD and familarized myself with the parameters and the some of the meanings.
I tried to model the AV15X using the info I got from the AE site
AV15-X - 4 ohm
Fs: 24Hz
Qms: 4.1
Vas: 197L
Cms: .22mm/N
Mms: 200g
Rms: 7.4kg/s
Xmax: 23mm
Sd: 794sqcm
Qes: .39
Re: 3.2
Le: .196mH
Z: 4ohm
Bl: 15.6Tm
Pe: 1000W
Qts: .36
1W SPL: 90.4dB
2.83V: 94.3dB

I tried to post a screen shot from winisd however I'm new to posting to forums as well as to Home Theater, but I think I got the right stuff to complete this. Hopefully I have the money .

Can someone either send me a Driver file for the AV15-x or a screen shot of the Parameters screen in the Drivers Editor?

I guess even though I'm new to posting I've read enought to know not to ask too many questions on one thread so I'll leave it at that for the time being even though many question are burning. i.e. EQ, Input Gain, High Pass, and REW(basically all the goodies). :scared::scared::scared:
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Here's the WinISD file for the AV15-X.

View attachment AE Speakers AV15-X.wdr

Do you have a box size and tuning picked out yet? I'm assuming a HT application, correct?
Thanks..It's primary purpose will be for Home Theater. I'm not sure on the size and the tuning but was leaning towards the Easy Button Max End Table 26.5 X 24 X 37.5. It should get me started for a first project and still get an oppourtunity to figure out what the I'm doing. I don't really know if I want to modify that design for tuning but I think ~20 would be fine.
That's a good choice. You will definitely need a high pass filter at 18 hz to go along with the EP2500 to protect the sub from over excursion. Porting would need to be 8 inch diameter to keep the air speed down.
High Pass Filter- This is the part where I realized that I might be over my head and end up buying several more peices I never anticipated. There is so much stuff out there and the best way I could narrow it down is with functionality sorted by priority.

So starting from scratch what are some opinions on best bang for the buck to eventually go all the way with Room Calibration.

I see a lot of people doing Reckhorn b-1 for input gain and HPF then the dsp1124 for EQ. So roughly 100 per component.
So there is 200$

After that then it's time to think about gadgets to get into the REW. So I undertand a those gadgets will be

SPL Meter

Is there a better route I found out that the Reckhorn b-1 makes things like the ART Cleanbox uneccesary because it does both input gain and HPF. Now I wonder if there is something else I can bypass purchasing by getting a device that will have some future functionality to get me from A-Z with Z being room equalization.
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in hindsight I should have gotten a DCX 2496 instead of the DSP1124, since I could equalize the two mains as well as the sub, and it has crossover/HPF built in. I'm currently waiting to see if i need bother with HPF since my home situation is not conducive to earth-shaking bass anyway. I'm mostly looking to upgrade from my 8" yamaha baby to something that can reproduce movies/music below 30hz, and that will not crackle when I throw an action movie at it.
Thanks Vertigo Good info, I noticed a deq 2496 and mic here on the classifieds, but I read that wouldn't eliminate my need for an HPF. I think I'm going to lean towards the MIC8000 to get started then start on the EQ/MIC/REW later. Maybe I'm going the wrong direction. I wish there was something that did it all but I guess that would be no fun either. I sure hope our subs get shipped out this week. Have you heard anything from AESpeakers? From what I read about on the cutomer service forums we got held up on a bad batch of epoxy but the AVs would ship out this week.
they said over the phone mine would ship tuesday or today, but i've been hearing the like for the past month...

apparently they always follow through, but their business is so appreciated you have to wait your turn. I'm sure it will be worth it though.
You can run without one, but just keep the volume down. Play notoriously low/loud parts and slowly increase the volume to see what your limit is without a HPF.

It can be used just fine - I use one. However, the lowest HPF you can do is 20hz (12db/oct means 12db down at 10hz). Something you could so is setup a 6 or 12db shelf at 20hz, which will then drop the signal below 20hz without completely eliminating it.

Box tuning.
If you tune low enough, you may not even need a HPF depending on your electronics roll-off. For example, NeoDan's easy button end table has a pretty low tuning freq IIRC. 12 hz? In relation to a tuning frequency in the uppers teens, that will reduce your output in the 30-tuning hz area, but will increase your driver's safety quite a bit.

If you're really worried about it, buy a second AV15x :) Tune low and you could likely eliminate the need for a HPF, saving you 100.00...but it'll cost you ~280 for that second driver.
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