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You can run without one, but just keep the volume down. Play notoriously low/loud parts and slowly increase the volume to see what your limit is without a HPF.

It can be used just fine - I use one. However, the lowest HPF you can do is 20hz (12db/oct means 12db down at 10hz). Something you could so is setup a 6 or 12db shelf at 20hz, which will then drop the signal below 20hz without completely eliminating it.

Box tuning.
If you tune low enough, you may not even need a HPF depending on your electronics roll-off. For example, NeoDan's easy button end table has a pretty low tuning freq IIRC. 12 hz? In relation to a tuning frequency in the uppers teens, that will reduce your output in the 30-tuning hz area, but will increase your driver's safety quite a bit.

If you're really worried about it, buy a second AV15x :) Tune low and you could likely eliminate the need for a HPF, saving you 100.00...but it'll cost you ~280 for that second driver.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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