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I’m totally confused about AV speakers configuration. Speakers frequency are:
Front:2x ES80 (frequency: 45Hz – 40kHz)
Center:1x ES25C (frequency: 80Hz – 40kHz)
Surrond:2x ES20 (frequency: 60Hz – 40kHz)
Sub: 1x ES150P (frequency: 27 – 150Hz)

What crossover should be set?
Front Left & Right:?
I can choose: Large, 40Hz, 60Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz, 150Hz, 200Hz.

Others set to:
Center: 40
Surr. Left & Right: 60
Sub Size: 10 inch

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I personally set my Crossover to 80hz for all speakers. Unless you are using tiny speakers and or ones incapable of outputting below 80hz, you really do not want your Subwoofer handling frequencies any higher as this is considered by most to be the point where the Subwoofer becomes a point source as opposed to being omnidirectional. It is also why THX recommends a 80hz Crossover as well.

Looking at the stated specs on your speakers, 80hz should work well. I would not try any higher than 80hz. However, you can always experiment and decide what sounds best to you.
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