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Axion, Chane or Aperion Audio

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Guys for sometime I have been wanting to get better mains and was looking at budget speakers but since I am planning on keeping them for a very long time I now want something that delivers. When I am able to make the purchase my budget is around $2200. I don't plan on buying real soon but I want to do some homework on higher end speakers this time so when the time comes I will be well informed and prepared. I do have a sub that delivers and it is the KK dxd 12012.
I have been looking at the Axiom, Chane and Aperion brand and am looking for floor standing with center of course.
The use would be for movies and music. I am looking for clean, clear audio. Especially for movie watching I want to be able to hear whispers and for music be able to hear every instrument.
I see some have 2 drivers, 3, 7 etc. Is more better? In order for me to obtain what I am looking for what would be the best choice?

Thank you!
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I also like their piano finish option. Now how high can I place the surrounds? /QUOTE] IME, 5-6' tweeter height is a good balance between ambiance and directionality. Piano gloss is awesome. For around 2600, you could do golden ear triton 3's and super center X.
My room is around 5400cf. My sub delivers but with the Prime towers or Chane I should get better mid bass with the use of the sub and speakers combined, yes?
yes. Absolutely. I think you will find yourself asking why you waited so long! I say that because I can tell it matters to you. In short, you'll be amazed. For the surrounds, looking bulky and out of place is something only you can decide. Mine are huge, but I made a decision, and a stand for performance. My compromise was, no dedicated space. Hers was in room speakers. That's for you guys to hash out, but if it matters to you(I think it does) I say at least plead your case. Buyers remorse hurts! Lol
For an experiment, put up some cardboard boxes of similar size to your speaker choices and see what you think. You May gain valuable insight to what you're able to live with.
I just might do that with some small outdoor speakers I have laying in the garage. thx
Anything to help!
Shouldn't be hard to find someone to pull wire. Might have to pull on the 'ol wallet though. Lol
I have titanium tweeters, and I find them super revealing without fatiguing. I think they're made for JBL by a French company. I've heard aluminum tweets that are harsh and some that aren't. Silk seems to be mostly laid back and rolled off to me. Refined maybe? Like Tony said the type of material doesn't tell the whole story. Although i do think some materials are possibly suited for certain applications. You definitely have plenty of options. Any favorites?
I read up on those and they do seem nice. I am leaning more towards SVS prime tower package. They seem nice especially with the piano finish.
guess this went up while I was typing. From what I've read, I feel you would be making a great choice.
Indeed, life gets in the way sometimes. That's why I'm not planning much right now. And I have no serious complaints either, luckily. I've gathered you dig the gloss black. What's not to love? I do think gloss white with polished aluminum highlights or trim would be excellent too. Anyway, excited for you.
+1 for the right price I'll drive over from Michigan to do the work:yikes::rofl2:
I think to be honest you would be very disappointed. I had forgotten exactly your room layout. Imo, the best chance would be to have them flank the fireplace. This(imo) would be problematic also since the majority of the imaging would fall below the horizontal plane of the TV. It's not as bad with your in ceiling speakers since the screen and speakers are closer together, and the angles between the LP, screen,and speakers are vastly different than having them on the floor. And the center... Gotta get out my thinking hat. And borrow Lou's decoder ring. Lol
Well, I've seen TV mounts that drop down in front of the fireplace for use then back up for not use(yeah. I just wrote that lol). I would consider that as a great option. Theres a link somewhere on here. One of the biggest issues would be, if both speakers are on the right side of the TV, all of your left side effects will be on the wrong side of the screen. There goes all your imaging. I think you'll be looking at on wall, or drop down TV mount. That's the one I like.
Well, not knowing your wife, if she is like mine, you may have a tough sell. Lol. If she's into it like you however it might be easier. Btw, I don't mind at all. As long as I can tip the balance toward performance! Or at least show some things that can help.
Lol. Sounds like home. Ahhh....
I'm trying to hone my pitch on buying an amp to go into the rack.
(Hypnotized voice) mmmmmm bluuue lights..... Yes. if for no other reason! A great amp under the hood is just a bonus.
Between the Axiom 60v towers and SVS Prime towers. Which one would provide better mid bass? The feel in the chest feeling. Of course while using a sub.
IMHO, if you cross at 80hz, which most will recommend, it won't matter. To ME, I find that since kick drums are tuned between 35 and 80hz roughly, and a lot of bass guitar is in there too, your KK will be providing the "punch". Upper harmonics of lower freq's add some clarity, and "attack" but not real punch in the gut.
Yep. It's a full case of upgraditis. Take 5 SVS prime, and call me in the morning.
I feel your burning desire. Uv come down with a case of upgraditis myself. Mostly speakers and amps in my sights. Sadly my room is the worst offender. Sadly because it's probably the thing I'm most powerless to address. Oh well, I will enjoy progress vicariously!
Take 5 SVS Prime and call me in the morning haha love it. Mine is a family room. What's so bad about your room?
Well it actually has some saving grace due to its size(bass response) and vaulted ceiling, but the adjacent space is the kitchen full of ceramic tile, and wood cabinets etc. what I should say is room treatment would be hard to address. #1 is WAF, and #2 is a sliding glass door next to my Left front speaker. I have thought about temporary panels, just for when I can be alone with it. What happens is once I reach a certain volume level, the room starts to show its face. That makes me wonder if more power would be a waste. I'm(listed) at 135x7. I think it benched at around 115-120 acd in HT mag. It never seems to run out of gas either so idk, I'll probably just keep squirreling til I can do an amp and know fo sho.
Thankfully my main space is carpet. I think tile vs wood, would be a wash. My wife wanted wood in the LR where our HT is. I said never... I had a LR that way before, and did not like it.
Bummer. Maybe an area rug could split the difference for you? Our allergies are related to our super messy white pine trees. Love/hate them.
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