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Axion, Chane or Aperion Audio

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Guys for sometime I have been wanting to get better mains and was looking at budget speakers but since I am planning on keeping them for a very long time I now want something that delivers. When I am able to make the purchase my budget is around $2200. I don't plan on buying real soon but I want to do some homework on higher end speakers this time so when the time comes I will be well informed and prepared. I do have a sub that delivers and it is the KK dxd 12012.
I have been looking at the Axiom, Chane and Aperion brand and am looking for floor standing with center of course.
The use would be for movies and music. I am looking for clean, clear audio. Especially for movie watching I want to be able to hear whispers and for music be able to hear every instrument.
I see some have 2 drivers, 3, 7 etc. Is more better? In order for me to obtain what I am looking for what would be the best choice?

Thank you!
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I just got a set of AR2X-C speakers for my parents new HT and after listening to them for a couple hours I can say they are probably the least fatiguing speakers I've ever heard. They are also articulate and transparent in vocals. The mid bass is also impressive for only 5.25" woofers. The treble is pleasing to my sensitive ears. On songs from Simon and Garfunkel's cd, I was hearing recognizable sounds that are muffled artifacts on my other speakers and feeling like I was present in the studio rather than just listening to a recording from 50 years ago.

I was a bit hesitant to order from an ID company but the reviews don't exaggerate how great a value these are. I'm also pleasantly surprised by the quality of finish and heft of the cabinets.

For reference, I own. BIC DV62-CLR, Pioneer SP-FS52, Energy C-500 and the Chane speakers make these highly-regarded budget speakers sound cheap.

If you can't tell I would highly recommend the Chane brand and their technologies.

Can't wait for my AR5X-C to arrive.
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I would put the TV in a place to allow proper positioning of the speakers.
Agreed, those towers flank the fireplace nicely as if they were meant to be there.
Yah I'm not sure why OP said the placement would be off? Looks good to me.
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