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Axion, Chane or Aperion Audio

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Guys for sometime I have been wanting to get better mains and was looking at budget speakers but since I am planning on keeping them for a very long time I now want something that delivers. When I am able to make the purchase my budget is around $2200. I don't plan on buying real soon but I want to do some homework on higher end speakers this time so when the time comes I will be well informed and prepared. I do have a sub that delivers and it is the KK dxd 12012.
I have been looking at the Axiom, Chane and Aperion brand and am looking for floor standing with center of course.
The use would be for movies and music. I am looking for clean, clear audio. Especially for movie watching I want to be able to hear whispers and for music be able to hear every instrument.
I see some have 2 drivers, 3, 7 etc. Is more better? In order for me to obtain what I am looking for what would be the best choice?

Thank you!
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Might want to give the SVS prime a try: http://www.svsound.com/speakers/prime-series
Thank you guys. I have looked at both Chane and SVS and they seem like nice speakers. I am leaning more towards the Prime package for $1899. I also like their piano finish option.
Now how high can I place the surrounds? In my family room I really don't want to place them on a stand because of the room size/layout it will then be right next to your ear.

I mounted mine where the bookshelf tweeters were 30" higher than the tower's tweeter. So far love the sound.
Thank you guys! I think I will stick to my budget or even well below my budget with Chane or even the SVS prime tower package. Also I don't know how the Chane surrounds would look in my family room since they look bulky. Same for the SVS ones but at least they are smaller. On a stand they would not look bad but my plan is to place them on the wall at a certain height if I can get an installer to run the cables in wall.
My ultra surrounds are giant sized but I wall mounted them.

The Prime series I suspect is up there with one of the bang for the bucks along with Chane. Just comes down to what you want.

NHT speakers do "OK" too for a smaller room with adequate sub. I only swapped because my room is 3k cu-ft and they were not enough for mid bass.
Awesome man! The other good thing is if for whatever reason you don't like them then you have a return window.

I bet you'll like me though :)
1 - 4 of 204 Posts
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