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Axion, Chane or Aperion Audio

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Guys for sometime I have been wanting to get better mains and was looking at budget speakers but since I am planning on keeping them for a very long time I now want something that delivers. When I am able to make the purchase my budget is around $2200. I don't plan on buying real soon but I want to do some homework on higher end speakers this time so when the time comes I will be well informed and prepared. I do have a sub that delivers and it is the KK dxd 12012.
I have been looking at the Axiom, Chane and Aperion brand and am looking for floor standing with center of course.
The use would be for movies and music. I am looking for clean, clear audio. Especially for movie watching I want to be able to hear whispers and for music be able to hear every instrument.
I see some have 2 drivers, 3, 7 etc. Is more better? In order for me to obtain what I am looking for what would be the best choice?

Thank you!
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ARX A3 front, A2 center, A1 surrounds. Good for music and HT, and well under your stated budget.

I'm a huge fan of simplicity, two-way crossovers keep things nice and clean.
Does room size matter or just the seating distance from the speakers?
Thank you guys. I have looked at both Chane and SVS and they seem like nice speakers. I am leaning more towards the Prime package for $1899. I also like their piano finish option.
Now how high can I place the surrounds? In my family room I really don't want to place them on a stand because of the room size/layout it will then be right next to your ear.
Thank you guys! I think I will stick to my budget or even well below my budget with Chane or even the SVS prime tower package. Also I don't know how the Chane surrounds would look in my family room since they look bulky. Same for the SVS ones but at least they are smaller. On a stand they would not look bad but my plan is to place them on the wall at a certain height if I can get an installer to run the cables in wall.
My ultra surrounds are giant sized but I wall mounted them.

The Prime series I suspect is up there with one of the bang for the bucks along with Chane. Just comes down to what you want.

NHT speakers do "OK" too for a smaller room with adequate sub. I only swapped because my room is 3k cu-ft and they were not enough for mid bass.
My room is around 5400cf. My sub delivers and helps my current speakers but with the Prime towers or Chane I should get better mid bass with the use of the sub and speakers combined, yes?
yes. Absolutely. I think you will find yourself asking why you waited so long! I say that because I can tell it matters to you. In short, you'll be amazed. For the surrounds, looking bulky and out of place is something only you can decide. Mine are huge, but I made a decision, and a stand for performance. My compromise was, no dedicated space. Hers was in room speakers. That's for you guys to hash out, but if it matters to you(I think it does) I say at least plead your case. Buyers remorse hurts! Lol
My other option could be 3.1 system but I know it will bug me not having surrounds. I plan on considering SVS or Chane and I hope I am able to get an installer to be able to wire the surrounds in wall.
For an experiment, put up some cardboard boxes of similar size to your speaker choices and see what you think. You May gain valuable insight to what you're able to live with.
I just might do that with some small outdoor speakers I have laying in the garage. thx
I appreciate everyone's suggestions but does price play a big part in how they're going to sound? For example with some name brands some towers are in the $400s each while others begin at $800 for each. Same with centers and surrounds.
I have seen read that some speakers have aluminum tweters and others have titanium. What's better and the difference? I don't want bright just warm, clean and clear dialog.
Generally standard dome tweeters will be less "harsh" for lack of a better word. Ribbon tweeters are extremely accurate and can reach frequencies far higher than our hearing can detect. depending on how thay are mounted they can be bright. Horn tweeters tend to also be on the bright side.
What they are made of and how thay sound again really depends on how the crossover and other factors in design play together so very hard to say what is better.
Are the ribbons titanium? SVS prime has aluminum and Axiom has titanium.
Off the top of my head I dont know but as I stated I would not go by what they are made of as the deciding factor. As with drivers there are many paper drivers that preform as good as any of the Kevlar or polymer drivers do. It depends on the design of the rest of the speaker as to what works best.
Thank you! I guess you really can't go wrong with SVS, Chane and Axiom.
I know Sonnie was very very happy with the SVS ultras he had in his home for a while.
I read up on those and they do seem nice. I am leaning more towards SVS prime tower package. They seem nice especially with the piano finish.
guess this went up while I was typing. From what I've read, I feel you would be making a great choice.
Thanks Willis! I have been wanting SVS for some time plus it matches my KK piano finish. I still have some time like I said it might be awhile since I need to save but sometimes life happens and have setbacks.
One dilemma I have is the tv placement with the speakers. Right now the tv is mounted diagonally above the fireplace with the in ceiling mains right in front of the tv a few feet away. If I get floor standing speakers they would be placed to the right of the tv instead of having the towers on each side of the tv with the center in the middle. Would this oddity still work?
One dilemma I have is the tv placement with the speakers. Right now the tv is mounted diagonally above the fireplace with the in ceiling mains right in front of the tv a few feet away. If I get floor standing speakers they would be placed to the right of the tv instead of having the towers on each side of the tv with the center in the middle. Would this oddity still work?
sorry for the double post I was trying to add a picture. The speakers would go where the rack and sub are. I would be facing them.
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I think to be honest you would be very disappointed. I had forgotten exactly your room layout. Imo, the best chance would be to have them flank the fireplace. This(imo) would be problematic also since the majority of the imaging would fall below the horizontal plane of the TV. It's not as bad with your in ceiling speakers since the screen and speakers are closer together, and the angles between the LP, screen,and speakers are vastly different than having them on the floor. And the center... Gotta get out my thinking hat. And borrow Lou's decoder ring. Lol
Yeah I would have to get the tv off the fireplace and buy a tv stand and place the tv with the speakers where the couch and sub is on the pic and forget about the in ceilings. Do I have an issue with that of course not but wife loves having the tv over the fireplace.
Thank you for taking the time to look into this:) I don't think I knew about this mounts. They seem very interesting.
In my case since the room is not squared and the tv is mounted diagonally I am better off placing the tv on a stand that can hold my components and place the speakers the traditional way.
I'll have to convince the wife it's better and hopefully with new speakers she will understand and like what she hears lol.
Well, not knowing your wife, if she is like mine, you may have a tough sell. Lol. If she's into it like you however it might be easier. Btw, I don't mind at all. As long as I can tip the balance toward performance! Or at least show some things that can help.
Thanks once again. If it were up to my wife a small tv with no surrounds would do lol. Upgradetitis is never easy in this household.
Lol. Sounds like home. Ahhh....
I'm trying to hone my pitch on buying an amp to go into the rack.
And I wish you all the best of luck :)
I would put the TV in a place to allow proper positioning of the speakers.
Yes when the time comes I won't have a choice but to do so. Thx
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