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Axion, Chane or Aperion Audio

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Guys for sometime I have been wanting to get better mains and was looking at budget speakers but since I am planning on keeping them for a very long time I now want something that delivers. When I am able to make the purchase my budget is around $2200. I don't plan on buying real soon but I want to do some homework on higher end speakers this time so when the time comes I will be well informed and prepared. I do have a sub that delivers and it is the KK dxd 12012.
I have been looking at the Axiom, Chane and Aperion brand and am looking for floor standing with center of course.
The use would be for movies and music. I am looking for clean, clear audio. Especially for movie watching I want to be able to hear whispers and for music be able to hear every instrument.
I see some have 2 drivers, 3, 7 etc. Is more better? In order for me to obtain what I am looking for what would be the best choice?

Thank you!
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I think at least in my room THX tames the bass and therefore I prefer DTS HD Master .
Guys what hdmi cable do I need for 3d and 4k? I currently don't have 4k and for me it's years away but I might as well be prepared with both technologies in one. I saw a cable with 3d and 4k in one but is it true 4k proof? I rather get a cable that supports both and be done.
According to HDMI.org, any high-speed (or "Category 2") HDMI cable will do.
According to HDMI.org, any high-speed (or "Category 2") HDMI cable will do.
Thank you. I forgot that my receiver is not capable of passing 3D and did a test by bi passing the receiver and connected the tv directly to the Oppo and sure enough it worked. The issue now I would have to watch tv using the Oppo. At this time since I do not have much 3d content I will just reconfigure when it is a 3D movie and that won't be all the time. At least I now know I don't need a new hdmi cable.
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