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B&K 3220 3 CH Reference Series Amplifier -SOLD SOLD SOLD

3 Channel reference amplifier with 220W into 8 ohms or 325W into 4 ohms per channel with all channels driven. $550 or B/O.

This was part of B&K's multi-channel amplifier reference series. Only the best can rival this performance today. It is solid across the audio range, clear and precise but never edgy. Excellent power suppy with over-sized toroidal power transformer and computer-grade caps. Dead quiet on silent passages
* No fans and cool running*

It is very beefy at about 15 lbs per channel. This is the kind of amp to show off the best components & speakers without adding or detracting from the source.
This makes an excellent power amp for the front 3 channels in a home theater when used with a quality pre-pro or receiver with preamp outputs. Handles all speaker loads with grace.

Features individual input level controls, and standard RCA inputs. Tons of power reserve, with excellent tonality at any level.

I have the manual, but unfortunately not the original box (and B&K will not supply them). I will ship it double-boxed, fully padded, and fully insured. (Smoke-free environment!)

Pristine condition except for a couple of very small nicks.
A high quality ‘Stealth HAC Power Cord’ is included.

Local pickup also available.
You can check my rep at Audiogon and Ebay (dbeshplace).

List price: $1698.00


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