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There might be difference between normal, bi-wire and bi-amping. You have to try to find out. And even if you hear the difference, you have to decide which of them sounds best. Speakers might be designed to have advantage from bi-wire or bi-amping, but they might add another pair of connections simply because it's more appealing if they have the option.

Electrically there is difference between normal and bi-wire connection, but everyone can't hear the difference or it can't be heard with every speakers. Bi-amping on the other hand should do difference as there shouldn't be any interference between drivers of single speakers. Should be heardable mainly at cross over frequency.

Multi-room option on amp doesn't meen that it can be used to bi-amping. I don't know how it is supported on your amp.

On my experience bi-wire gave me more open sound with quite cheap speakers. Bi-amping with 4 channel stereo mode of H/K AVR 235 made sound messy. Try it yourself, basic speaker cable is cheap.
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