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Built my basement theater/multipurpose room in the Fall of 2010. Mainly used for larger gatherings for sports/movies and family film watching.

For video, utilizes a BenQ W6000 projecting onto a Carada Criterion 16:9 128" diagonal screen.
To hold my audio equipment, I utilize a Middle Atlantic Slim5 rack.

I have recently sold my Emotiva UPA-7, DCX2496, LilMike Designed Cinema F20 Dual horns, CHT CS 18.1 sub system (pair)....

Currently using an Onkyo NR1007 AVR which feed my L/C/R consisting of (3) CHT SHO-10s. I utilize Axiom QS8 as my surround speakers. I have a narrow room and find the bipole design of the QS8 pleasing for films. I also have prototype CHT SHO-6 speakers as my heights which didn't go into production.

I am currently sub-less, but that will change soon.

I have purchased 4 UXL-18 (previously Pi-18) drivers from Mach 5 Audio (istonline.ca). 1 is in house, 1 is at Josh Ricci's for testing and 2 have yet to be shipped. My cabinets are being built by Elemental Designs and should be done in 7 days. They are 20 inch cubes, magnetic grills, 1" EFS (MDF equivalent) with double baffles and recessed for drivers. My drivers will be powered by 1 Lab Gruppen FP14000 clone amp (4400 W x 2) driving each pair.

I use DirecTv, Xbox 360, and a HTPC as sources. I utilize J River Media Center for EQ/media playback. I will be purchasing a TasCam/ECM8000 CSL calibrated mic combo for measuring with REW when the subs are completed.
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