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I got the main Laminate thread started. Here are some of the other threads coming:
  • Neutral Grays
  • Whites and other Painted Screen Options
  • Fabric Screens
  • The Layered Approach (Advanced Options)

I don't want to overwhelm the sticky area with too many stickies. I figure the main information will go there, and then in the main thread area there can be supporting threads to further discuss things. I have a laminate screen thread elsewhere and it has almost 1800 posts. It is actually too big now and almost impossible to find the information. I am trying to keep that from happening here with the main stickies.

If anyone has any ideas or wants to see a topic covered just shout it out!
I think we also need a sticky for Plastic Screens...other than laminates..
The type of screens I'm referring to are..

Kappa board
PVC Foam
Tile board

Lumping these together in a sticky will save a lot of threads..
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