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Our company sanded floors for a customer and cut the power link cable coming up through the floor. We have no local support for B&O in MN, so I'm hoping to get some help getting our customer up and running again.

Here's the situation. We cut the line, pulled up extra slack and reconnected it according to the way it was set up when I arrived after the customer complained about the cut cord. To my knowledge, said customer did not reattach the connectors to the speakers to the cord, but that I can't confirm. Running the system with one speaker connected, ( beosound 9000 to platinum powered tower bang and olefsun speakers ) we get sound just fine. Connect the other speaker and we lose audio and get static. Now, obviously this isn't just normal speaker wire, otherwise I wouldn't be here. I've got two wires disconnected, one is the data line ( white ) which should be disconnected as the speakers have no display, and a Brown shielded wire, and according to the diagrams I've looked at, is a signal wire for one channel. Looking at the connection, it seems that the speakers are installed in a mono configuration, which I should think would work, but again...both hooked up and running causes static and loss of sound. There is a power up/down line ( grey ) connected as well as a pink ( overload ) connection. Each speaker has 4 wires coming from the DIN style connector. I'm pretty sure this uses a Powerlink 2 cable due to the lack of external display capability on the speakers themselves.

Here's my problem, I don't know who set it up, so I have no one to ask, and I don't know how this should be tied together ( wired ) properly to work. He is holding money for the job we did until this gets fixed, and I'm convinced the wiring of the speakers at the splice out of the floor are not correct, but I have little knowledge on this kind of low voltage system.

I've read everything I could find in regards to pin outs for the powerlink, but I cannot find anything that tells me the pin outs for the speakers ( that have the same 8 pin DIN connection ( but only use 4 pins ) Even if I knew what did what in the speaker, I don't know exactly how the grey and pink wires work into the equation. I know the pink is there to protect the system and the gray is designed to signal the internal amplifier of each speaker to increase or decrease volume...but I can't put it all together in my head to make it work before I start cutting wires again.

I did take pictures of the connection the way it is now, but it's on my phone charging. I can try to upload them tomorrow if needed.

Anyone understand this at all? What I understand is ...don't cut the cords with the dang sander-especially on a high end system like this!:rant:
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