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Bass Shakers!

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Im thinking about ordering a kit with two of them complete with the amplifier.
The room has excellent bass but that little extra "kick in the rear" cant hurt.
What do you think?
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Hey all. Thought I would chime in with my experience with my new purchase. Am in Australia but bought 4 of the aura pros from parts express. I have back seating that is a 3 seater recliner lounge. I have connected one shaker to each of the outside seats and two to the middle main listening position. They are attached to the recliner seats. I had an old yammy avr so I am using that to power them. Signal is received from splitting off my denon x2000 to the yammy and svs pb 12 plus. After just a couple of weeks I have to say that I am in love with these little babies. As Owen said in the previous post, they are not up too loud so as to overpower and annoy but enough that you get a real kick in heavy bass scenes. A great example was from casino royale when the building in Venice is razed to the ground. It feels like u are right there. Combined with the svs it really gives a full visceral experience. The only time I have found them to be too much was in transformers 4. Soooo much lfe in that movie that the chair constantly shook. Kids loved it but I turned the volume down half way through to the shakers. Great little addition for the minimal dollar outlay in my opinion.
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Ok Im sorry for starting two threads in one but related to the 10" sub combined with the 15" sub.
I found that the 10" hurt the LFE horribly so its been unplugged.
Just bought myself an identical second 15" sub :)
So far I have one front and center and the other rear and center.
This setup seems to be nice. I still have not installed the bass shakers yet.
My main question is LFE setting at the reciever. What would be optimal. Also the LFE enhancement at the sub. What level should I use at each point of adjustment while using my main 4 tower speakers as small speaker setting.
You would be better off directing this question in the Subwoofer section.

Saying that though your receiver unless very old should have an auto set up feature which should take care of the settings for levels and bass management.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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