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Bass traps not helping?

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Here's a reading I took after adding just one floor to ceiling corner superchunk bass trap in my room and then a second reading after adding two more floor to ceiling corner superchunks plus one front wall-ceiling superchunk the entire width of the room. I'm barely an amateur with this stuff, but it looks like I'm not seeing much of a difference. Can anyone comment on these two readings?



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The graphs look like they have a pretty even decay. Don't see many that good
I don't see that as a good thing. The decay here is very, very slow in the low frequency region. Not good at all.

You should really consider equalizing with a BFD... You have some room modes that no amount of treatment will affect..

shouldn't the bass traps make some improvement regardless of the location of the sub?
Can you tell us what your expectations are?

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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