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I have the CM 140 and an external sound blaster via usb to my MAC laptop.

I have the CM140 hooked to a mic 3.5 line into the mic in on the soundblaster
The soundblaster is plugged in via USB
The sound blaster line out RCAs are plugged into my DENON AVR 3313ic front aux port.

I added the 140 cal from the download and did the sound card test.

However when I turn up the volume on the receiver past 20% I get feedback noise where the SPL is picking it back up.

I have ran the test in low volume and I get

Does this look real?

I was expecting less up and down.

Also I get the clipping message a lot.

Thx for any guidance.

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Hey there bamabum,

You can get a better picture of your response by properly scaling the graph – see here:

Getting Graphs Ready to Post

Beyond that, your two graphs, even accounting for the smoothing, are so drastically different that I can’t help but wonder if something’s wrong. For instance, your second measurement shows not even a hint of the spike at 60 Hz the first one had, nor the nearly 60 dB rise between 300 and 3000 Hz? In the first graph, there’s only about a 10 dB rise over that range.

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