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Hi what do you think about this formula is from another forum

1 quart of Behr Silver Screen (flat)
1 quart of Behr White Opal Pearlessence

mixed 70/30 mix of 70% Behr Silver Screen (flat) & 30% Behr White Opal Pearlessence

BEHR PREMIUM PLUS WITH STYLE® Pearlescent White - Opal No. 751

The interesting about this formula is the white opal pearlessence so what do you think?


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Hi estrato_guru,

Welcome to HTS!

As you may have noticed, I moved your post to it's own thread. :)

I have never tried this mix myself, but we here at HTS believe that DIY screens should be neutral in color, and I doubt that either of the mixes you mentioned would be neutral. Behr Silver Screen is close to neutral by itself, but the white pearl paint is not.

Another problem with screen mixes that use mica-based paint (all "pearl" paints I know of are mica-based) is that if too much is used in a mix bad things happen on the screen. It will hot-spot or appear to "shimmer" in bright portions of the projected image.

Another problem with the specific mixes you mention is that the Behr Pearl paint is being discontinued and can be hard to find since only remaining stock is available in stores. Formulae that use it are being redesigned to use other pearl paints.

If you tell us what your needs are perhaps we can help you find a better solution. :bigsmile:

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Another hearty welcome to the Shack estrato_guru!

That's an old mix going back years. There are a lot better things that have been identified lately. Have you ever looked at the White Opal Pearlescence? It's nasty looking stuff and can be hard to work with.

Behr Silver Screen has long been a crowd pleaser, but the problem with it is extreme inconsistancies. I've seen over a half dozen different samples and the spectro readings were pretty much different on all of them. Some were indeed neutral, but other batches were way off the mark. This probably can be attributed more to the store staff person that mixed the paint than what Behr created it to be. They do however list it in their 'blue family line' of colors.

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