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I'm selling my BFD. This is the classic model used by many here at the Shack. I bought this one new a couple years ago, and it has no problems. The firmware rev is whichever one doesn't have the MIDI problem (is it 1.2?). I have used it with the MIDI connection since day one with no problems.

The reason I'm selling is because I recently got a DCX2496 which will replace the BFD. The DCX has a couple neat features that I like, but the BFD is very capable to EQ most subs in most systems.

I swapped the rack mount arms with a pair from the DCX2496, so the left arm has the DCX2496 label on it. The right arm is the generic Behringer label, so it's as original, even though it's been swapped as well. The reason for the arm swap is that I had my original rack mount arms cut off so that the device is only as wide as a normal component. Of course, it's no longer rack mountable, but I didn't care about that. If you want the rack mount arms cut off, I might be able to have it done for free.

You can see there's some sticky residue on the bottom of the unit where I had installed some self-adhesive rubber feet. I removed them to be reused on my new box. I have more if you would like to have them installed. I will clean the bottom of this unit either way.

I installed window tint on the front panel since I found the display to be somewhat bright and distracting. It's just kinda stuck there with a little water, and it will come right off if you don't like it.

I have the original box, manual and probably most of the packaging. I'll include a standard IEC power cable, but it probably won't be the original.

I also have a MIDI cable that I'll include for another $10. If you don't want it, I wouldn't mind keeping it around "just in case".

$75 + shipping.
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