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i just wired up my behringer ep4000 amp to 1 peavey black widow pa speaker which runs 4ohms at 350w rms and its very loud, but i connected 1 500wrms subwoofer but it doesent sounf right.i put the sub in my gale 3090w enclosure and its sealed tight...

why is the sub not pumping bass like it should ?....my 150w gale 3090w was way louder...

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We need at least the minimum T/S parameters. Here's the Parameters from another sub to give you an idea of what is needed.

Sensitivity 91dB
Re 3.6 ohms
Vas 4.7 cubic feet
Qts 0.44
Fs 28.36Hz
Qes 0.47
Qms 7.35
Xmax 12 mm
Power handling 250 watts.

Without these specs for the Boss sub there is nothing we can do.

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ok thanx, i will use ehe boss sub sealed.1 more quick qusetion, if i was to connect a active subwoofer to a power amp what would happen ?...

i really appreciate your help
If your active sub has speaker level inputs and you use them to connect to the amp then you'll just have to adjust the gain to match the sub to you speakers. If you try connecting your amp to the sub through line level inputs (with a custom made cable, no less) then bad things would happen. Either you'll get mad clipping or your sub will cease to exist in the following fashion: :explode:
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