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Berkline burl surround cup holder

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The burl plastic area around the cup holders has cracked and I would like to replace them. Not sure how old chair is but style number is 450995201. Any ideas on a fix for this?


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ask a place that "wraps" cars about whether they have a woodgrain (or other finish you prefer) pattern and see if it can be applied to the trim bits successfully. The original parts may have to be "body worked" with epoxy filling the cracks and then sanded down to make a smooth un-cracked surface again. Finding THAT part new enough to not have suffered the same fate is unlikely. Another possibility. Have somebody who knows what they are doing, scan the original part, then fix up the defects and 3D-print new parts with a durable, long lasting plastic like black ABS that won't crack. Once the parts are made, you can spray paint them anything you like, or go to the car wrap place and see what they have. Car wrap has to be durable to survive stones and such, so it makes a good material for a use like this.
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