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I am brand new to the home theater game. I have done my research and found that I will be very happy with the Panasonic PT AX200U projector. I will have the oppertunity to black out the room for movies but I would like to have some light when having folks over for football games.

So, I am guessing I would like a gray screen but I just dont know. In addition, I would like the cost to be around five to seven hundred dollars.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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If you want to go cheaper go with the Elite Silver Frame Screen with CineGrey material. That one is a 106" but if you look hard enough you should be able to still find a 100" version somewhere. You could even buy a 100" with CineWhite and then buy the CineGrey material from Elite. That would still be less than $500 and you would have both a gray and a white screen. Otherwise you can go with the EzFrame screen with CineGrey. Still less than $500 and a great screen. I know, I have one! ;)

There are many others out there too, such as Carada, Draper, Vutec, Da-Lite, etc. But each has a trade off. Carada's gray material isn't really that good. Their white is superb but the gray is a bit too dark for my tastes. Da-Lite would come in right around the top end of your budget for a fixed screen and to be honest, I haven't seen a gray material from Da-Lite that knocked my socks off in your range. Vutec has a material called GreyDove which would suit your needs. But I haven't looked into their pricing yet. Draper.... has yet to send me samples.

And then there's the whole diy route. If the wall is smooth sheetrock, just paint a 100" 16:9 Black widow screen. Cost would be less than $50 including supplies.

Do you want to get your hands dirty? Or do you want to spend around a half hour assembling a screen?
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