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best 7.1 reciver for 2.0 play back

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I have a Yamaha htr 6160. I have never liked this unit or the sound of it,

I listen to mostly 2 channel audio but want to keep my 7.1 set up

I have a budget of about a grand

what receiver would u guys suggest for hifi play back sound quality?
I will be powering polk 9a's
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Hello and welcome aboard the HTS! :wave:

I would look at a receiver that has a direct or pure audio mode. this turns off all processing inside the receiver giving the best raw sound to the speakers.
Onkyo or Denon are popular brands and tend to be slightly more natural sounding although generally all amps will be very close in sound. Room treatment speaker placement and how well you run the auto room correction will give you the most varying results.
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