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hi all

i am after setting up a 3rd system i will be using a denon 6200w and a emotiva xpa3 gen3 amp with blue jeans cables for speakers and interconnects and a oled 65ec6v tv a oppo 205 4k player ps4 pro console wii console and the new xbox one console and the nvidia shield console

my question is i want in peoples opion the very best components for £7500 to make a 11.4 hometheatre system using the above components i have bought already i want the very very very best components to use
i want the very best bang for the buck system on the planet

my room is 30x30x25

i watch 75% movies 25% music

i like my all out action movies horror scifi war movies and comedy

for music i like pop rave techno hip hop r&b house heavy metal classical orchestral

i paticulary like drums guitar bass flute piano saxaphone keyboard

i want 4 subs
i want it to sound AWESOME for films and music thanks
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Dont you think you've already gotten your answer in the 8 or more other posts you have started about similar topics?
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