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Beta 18 won't install on Win7

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Downloaded the installation file named "47635d1395597340-v5-01-beta-downloads-asio-support-wizardinstallv5.01beta18.exe" from the downloads area, and the file will not install on either one of my Win7 systems (one 64-bit, one 32-bit).

Is the file corrupt?
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Just downloaded the file and it installed without problems, it should be called wizardinstallv5.01beta18.exe when downloaded, size is 10,863KB. If you are using any kind of download manager I suggest disabling it.
Beta 18 downloads & installs properly for me ( on my "obsolete" XP system ) .

When I click the download link, it shows the following file download:

Text Font Yellow Line Parallel

However, if I change the file name to "wizardinstallv5.01beta18.exe", it installs properly. Not sure how to explain this behavior, but I am now upgraded, so all is good.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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