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at the moment i have 2 dali ikon 6v2 fronts dali vokal centre
2 dali zensor 7 as rears
2 dali zensor 1 as additional rears
4 dali c1 atmos modules
i also have the crown 1002 amp as well
sony x800 4k player
blue jeans speaker cables
4 svs pb13 ultra subs
a playstation 4 pro
a wii u
xbox one x scorpio edition
i am after buying a marantz 7010
if i was to buy the marantz 7010 would i be better off buying the marantz pm6006 or still using the crown 1002 amp that ive got overall thanks
if i was to wire the 2 front dali ikon 6v2 to either of the crown 1002 amp or the marantz pm6006
using the marantz 7010 which would produce the better sound quality and performance thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts