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Guys, thanks for your help. I will be sure to give the +4 a shot when I get home. I'm wondering how many others are in the same boat and have kept the BFD at -10 and clipping. I'm not using anything fancy for a receiver, there's got to be millions of Yamaha's in use. Once I get this dialed in I will post some of my results. Thanks again.
Yes, I am guilty of having done that before. :eek:

The thread that you might have noticed in this forum was titled I don't understand the BFD clipping meter. Please help.

I never meant to run it in -10 setting regardless that it was the "FBQ" instead of the "BFD" because my subwoofers are THX certified meant to run at +4dBu and my pre/pro has 4v pre/outs. I was recommended to turn down the subs, but Andysu later clarified what I had been doing wrong after I had tried to sneek out of the thread.. :blink:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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