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BFD guide-Adobe format?

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I like a paper copy when working with something like the BFD guide. For some reason I can't copy or print the text with the images. Would it be possible to publish it in Adobe Acrobat format with the images? Thanks.
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I no longer have the Adobe version to convert it, but you are more than welcome to if you have it. It's one of those programs that requires you activate it when you install it. It won't activate on another computer unless you deactivate it on the original computer. I had it for a while for our church bulletin, but when we found a minister I turned it all back over to him and no longer have it. I had to deactivate it so he could activate it on his computer.

I wonder why the images don't print though? Wouldn't that be a computer or printer setting?
Not sure. I have had good success in the past copying the text and pictures, pasting it into word with all the pictures coming out fine. I've done this often. For some reason I can't do this with these web pages. I have 21 pages with no images. While fiddling around with the midi problem it is nice to have all the documentation open and handy.

As a matter of fact I can't get the images to print when I try to print out the REW help files.
You gotta have something going on with your computer settings or Internet options. I can print out pages with images on 3 different computers here at the house.
Something like this seems to happen each time I get one of those little incremental Windows updates.:rant:
The windows updates won't change your personal settings on IE, you should check tools > internet options > Advanced > then read all the check boxes and make sure you are allowing the download of images etc... Usually though if you can see the images you can print them. Check to be sure in your print options that you have "images and text" or similar allowed.
I don't use IE, but rather Firefox. Just tried a copy/paste with no images coming out.

When I was trying this last month I used IE, Opera, and Firefox with no luck.
Something is very strange. I'm gonna say it is possibly your print settings if all of them do the same thing. I don't believe there is an option in windows itself to turn of image printing... just in the browser settings and in the printer settings.
This problem occurs only with the Home Theater Shack. Don't have it with other web pages.

The images also do not copy when being pasted into word.
Ron, have you tried clicking on the GUIDE and then do a FILE pull down and SAVE AS and then save as type WEB ARCHIVE, SINGLE FILE (*.MHT).

Now the file is in your computer complete with embedded pictures.

You can now print this file.

Saved the file, and using the print feature able to convert it to a pdf file so I can print it. Cool. Thanks.
were is the bfdguide the link it does not display. What am I doing wrong?

We’re aware of the problem and are trying to fix it. In the mean time, I managed to dig up an older version here:


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