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I just purchased a Behringer dsp1124p and have a cable question.

The manual shows...
Balanced 1/4" TRS or XLR inputs and outputs.

The HTS BFD guide says...
You will need either ¼ inch or XLR type connectors on your cables. If you already have RCA type connectors on your sub cable(s), you can pick up a couple of RCA to ¼ inch adapters at Radio Shack for temporary use until you can order some RCA to ¼ inch cables. The adapters are cheaply made and they create another connection point for your signal to travel through, so I recommend purchasing some better complete cables.

I take this to mean 1/4" TS to RCA. Is this correct?

I want to buy cables, but don't want to buy the wrong ones...I do that way to often.

What type cable is recommended?
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