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BFD vs Reckhorn B-1

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:wits-end:I am looking for the simplest way to get a SSF as well as some boost in required areas. I took a look at the BFD "tutorial" and began to think that it was far too complicated. All I want to do is hook up my receiver to my EP 2500 to my IXL 15.2.2 without worry of it bottoming out on the very low stuff.

Honestly, I don't understand alot of what I read about these upscale EQ's! I want as much of a plug and play EQ system as I can get with a minimum of $$$$$'s. The Reckhorn seems to be the ticket...unless I am misunderstanding the BFD.?

The BFD is a better cost but with a calibration mic and all of the other stuff mentioned in the tutorial, it is quite expensive. I just want to keep it simple.

What do I need?
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Have you already built the sub and tried the EP2500 with your receiver?
Some receivers don't have a high enough output voltage to drive the EP2500 to its potential. The Reckhorn B1 has the ability to boost the input voltage, the eQ.2 does not. Build your sub and try it. How your receiver and amp "get along" will determine which unit to get.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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